How to make Ice cream Cake at Home

During the summer and other hot days of the year, numerous people love treating themselves to a slice or slices of the ice cream cake. An ice cream cake is a cream molded to the shape of a cake, and in between, there are layers of cake. Just like other cakes, the ice cream cake can also be baked at home. One only has to ensure that they have the required ingredients and apparatus to help complete the process and make it a success. Therefore, this article will now go ahead to illustrate how one can make an ice cream cake in the house.

The following will be required


  • Half (1/2) quarts of vanilla ice cream
  • Two (2) cups of chocolate cookies that have been roughly crushed
  • Three (3) tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • One (1) cup of whipping cream
  • A bottle of chocolate magic shell
  • One (1) tablespoon vanilla extract
  • A box of Oreos or wafers in the circumstance that Oreos are unavailable
  • Maraschino cherries
  • Chocolate fudge sauce, two (2) cups
  • One (1) gallon of chocolate ice cream


  • The power mixer
  • The mixing bowl
  • The spring-form pan
  • The spatula
  • The piping bag; though not obligatory
  • A parchment paper
  • A spring-form ring
  • The baking sheet

It is important to chill the mixing bowl, spring-form ring, and the spring-form pan before using them. Therefore, one must ensure that the tools have spent some time in the freezer before the day of use.


1. Set up the pan: Take the parchment paper, a sheet that is, and lay it on top of the baking sheet. After you have done this, take the chilled springform ring and place it on top of the baking sheet.

2. Whip the vanilla ice cream: Ensure the vanilla ice cream is still frozen and whip it for about 3 minutes using the mixer.

3. Make the layer of vanilla ice cream: Cover all the sides of the pan using the vanilla ice cream. The layer all round should be thick as possible. Spread the remaining ice cream at the bottom of the pan. (The ice cream will begin to melt, and you will notice that it creates a tiny puddle. Later on, we will discuss how to handle it).

4. Add the crushed cookies into the mixture: For the perfect effect, the cookies should be evenly spread on top the ice cream. Using a spatula, softly push the cookies into the cream.

5. Add the 2 cups of the fudge sauce: The fudge sauce will most likely be massive or hardened, warm it a little bit then pour over the cookies.

6. Freeze the results overnight.

7. Creation of the chocolate level: Take the chocolate ice cream and whip it using the mixer. Just as you had done with the vanilla ice cream, pour it on top of the contents in the pan and ensure that it comes to be the same level as the pan top then cover it with a parchment sheet.

8. Freeze Overnight: Put the pan in freezer to stay the whole night so that it freezes.

9. Prepare the cake for unmolding: Remove the parchment sheet, put a sizeable plate over the pan and turn the cake upside down then remove the first parchment sheet.

10. Unmolding of the cake: Tenderly, extract the springform and place the cake back into the freezer. Then begin whipping the cream.

11. Frost with whipped cream: Take the vanilla and powdered sugar and beat the cream with it. Then use a spatula to spread it over the cake.

12. Decorate the cake: This is done by taking the Maraschino cherries and Magic sell sprinkle and drizzle them on top of the cake respectively.

13. Freeze the cake until its ready for eating: You can eat the cake as it is but for better effect return its back to the freezer for few days or a month is okay with you.

Recipe notes

There are different sizes of the spring-form rings available for your selection. It is therefore, important to use the ones that correspond to the size of cake you are making. This recipe delivers a cake that can serve up to 16 people. There are also other flavors such as cherry cordial ice cream that you might want to try out.