How cake fondant is made

Nowadays, there are many celebrations and activities that unfold each day. Whenever you have a party, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or whatever celebration it could be, it is never complete without a cake. Thus, it is important to learn about some of the basics to baking a sweet cake. There are many procedures that will come into play, but in this case, let us focus on the cake decoration. Cakes are of different flavors and tastes, it could be vanilla, chocolate, caramel or any other flavor that your savor. This is what makes every cake standout from the rest.

Moreover, the particular cake recipe that you choose, will influence how sturdy your cake is. There are different colors that are available for cakes but the icing you choose makes your cake standout.

So what is a cake fondant?

Fondant is a mixture of confectioners’ sugar, water, and corn syrup. The mixture of this primary ingredients is melted together to form a paste which has a clay-like consistency. There are different types of consistencies that you could end up with, depending on the recipe that you use. For example, using gelatin, fat or sometimes melted marshmallows gives unique consistency. Simply put, fondants are the sweet paste that is used as an icing on a cake and other pastries.
Fondants are the secret behind special cake decorating efforts. Other than cakes, fondants are used to decorate and top other desserts.


How to make Fondants

There are different ways that could be used to make fondants. However, here’s a clear laid out plan to make fondants at home.


You will need, Quarter cup of non-dairy, fresh whipping cream. About one tablespoon of gelatin, half teaspoon of salt, two tablespoons of vanilla, 700 grams of powdered sugar, 120 Ml of glucose or light corn syrup and unsaturated butter.


  • Place powdered sugar, salt, and meringue powder into a bold and stir to combine the mixture.
  • Add cream to the mixture and sprinkle gelatin over the mixture, then microwave for 2 minutes until all the gelatin is dissolved.
  • Stir corn syrup and add butter into the mixture. If it doesn’t mix well, place it in a microwave for about 20 seconds.
  • Add Vanilla and glycerine. Stir to have a coherent mixture.
  • Lastly, you can color at this step to achieve your desired color.

Types of cake Fondants

There are different types or fashions used as fondants; these are poured and rolled cake fondants. The difference between the two methods is based on the procedure of application.

Both types of fondants are made with corn syrup, water, and sucrose (sugar). They are made by supersaturating water with sugar which is then melted to form a paste. There are different strategies that are used to better each of the fondants. To have a great fondant, you may add cream or tartar, for extra stability or fine fondant.

Fondants are best applied on a cake, after baking. It is kneaded and molded into all shapes. They can be easily bent and applied on any form, it can be rolled or poured on the cake to achieve ideal decorations on your cake. You can have a different type of fondants with a variety of colors, depending on the type of dye that you choose to mix with your fondant. It is important to remember that, fondants are used before the final retouches that you apply on your cake.

What are the advantages of Using Cake Fondants

Like any other type of cake ingredients, fondants have their exclusive advantages. Here are some of the benefits you would enjoy, for using cake fondants for your cake baking needs;

One, for their clay-like consistency, they are great cake decorating recipes that will complement any cake decorating technique. They are easily used to cover the cake for smooth, polished, rolled appearance into any given shape.

Two, depending on the shape of the cake, fondants are the best elements that could be used to cut into different shapes for the cake.

Third, due to the fact that they are flexible and easily bent, you could alter them to favor different techniques. Each of the technique is used to personalize the cake to your needs and desired decorations.

Like any other type of cake applicant, fondants also have a limitation. Despite the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort making fondants, they dry easily. This causes them to crack, thus making it necessary to store them properly.